Heat Remediation

Thermal Remediation:

The most effective and greenest way to eliminate bed bugs. The scientific principle behind Surfire Services non-chemical, non-toxic bed bug heat treatments is simple but proven; raise the temperature of an infested area to 125 degrees to kill all life stages of bed bugs. Within a single treatment, rooms can return to normal use, free of bed bugs. Benefits of Heat Treatments • Kills all life stages of bed bugs – adults, nymphs, and eggs with one treatment • Non-chemical, non-toxic approach penetrates wall cavities, mattresses and other hard to reach areas. Heat can be used alone or augmented with natural and insecticidal dusts applied to wall voids, under baseboards and other crevices conducive to bed bug activity • No odor • One day treatment • Protects Room Contents. Treatment will get rid of bed bugs without damaging the contents in the infested room.

Surefire Services Bed Bug Solution includes these powerful advantages: Heat Remediation

•Fast Turnaround: Rooms are off market for only 12 hours, not weeks with traditional treatment options.

• Protects Room Contents: Treatment will not damage the contents in the infected room.

• Discreet: Treatment is isolated to the rooms that are to be treated and will not affect or interfere with other guests or residents.

• Effective: Remediation completely eliminates the entire population of bed bugs and eggs, guaranteed!

• Training: We teach your employees how to identify signs of bed bugs and what to do if they’re found.

Product Treatments for Bed bugs Product Based Treatment Methods of Treatment:

The Traditional Product based Treatment method that Surefire Services uses to control bed bugs is the most inexpensive. First you should know that we only use green listed products in the services that we provide. We customize every service treatment plan for bed bugs, simply because one size definitely does not fit all; all service plans depend on a few factors.

1. Do you know how you got bed bugs?

2. How much furniture is in each room?

3. How long has this problem been going on?

4. How many personal belongings are in each room?

5. How many rooms are infested and what is the current level of the infestation? If the problem is severe and we do not think that we should try and control them with traditional product treatments we also can use a heat or thermal treatment. This is always recommended when more than three rooms are suspected of having bed bugs.

Set up a free inspection and if needed free estimate.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Stages

Types of Bed bug Control

There are 2 types of Bed Bug treatments that we provide, Product Treatments and Heat Remediation or Thermal Treatments. Both treatments require an inspection first and a prep list to be completed by the customer prior to service being done.

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